Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Legislative Training

We need our own legislative voice now!

Join the growing, effective, polished, Faculty, Academic Professional, and Student voices for quality higher education in our State Legislature:
Join us in solidarity for the Higher Education Funding Rally and Lobby Day in Salem!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tenure Track Faculty Caucus on Tuesday!

Winter Caucus Meetings start next Tuesday with the Tenure Related Faculty. Join us in Smith 298 at noon on January 27th!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

PSU vote to arm campus police follows national trend

January 20th, 2015

Portland State University's move last month to create an armed police force brings the campus in line with national trends, according to a new Justice Department report.
Nearly all campus police officers at public universities now carry guns, pepper spray and other weapons, the report found, and experts say more private schools are looking to arm police.
PSU Board of Trustees voted Dec. 11 to allow campus officers to carry firearms. Before that happens, though, a committee including students, faculty and staff must write a plan setting forth special training requirements, use of force policies and other conditions for the new police force. The board will then take another vote in June before deploying armed officers.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Raises coming!

Collective Bargaining Update

Welcome Back!
Thanks to all of our members’ courage, commitment and hard work last year, we were able to negotiate a contract that made progress of some our most pressing issues.
Over the next two months, you will be seeing the second Cost of Living Adjustment and the Comparator Increase (for instructional and research faculty only) added to your paycheck.
CORRECTION: Our pay periods run from the first until the end of the month, so you will see the raise on the entirety of your paychecks
Here’s what you can expect:
2.5% COLA:
  • Twelve month employees’ 2.5% increase begins on January 1, 2015.  Since our pay periods run from the 16th of the previous month to the 15th of the following one, you will see an increase on half of your salary (January 1-15) in your January 31, 2015 paycheck
  • Nine month employees’ 2.5% increase begins on February 1, 2015.  Since our pay periods run from the 16th of the previous month to the 15th of the following one, you will see an increase on half of your salary (February 1-15) in your February 28, 2015 paycheck. 
1.5% Comparator Increase:
  • All instructional and research faculty will receive a 1.5% increase effective January 1, 2015.  This increase is designed to bring our salaries closer to our comparators at other institutions.  Academic professional received a compression increase based up their years of experience last July, so APs will not receive the comparator increase.  Instructional and research faculty’s comparator increase will be added to the January 31, 2015 paycheck. 
These salary increases are a direct result of our members’ mobilization.  Thanks to all of you who wore a t-shirt or lanyard, hung up a poster, talked to your colleagues about our issues, made phone calls, attended a bargaining session or rally, signed a blue or red card, took the time to participate in our strike vote and/or worked as an organizer or CORE member!  Happy 2015!

Leanne Serbulo
VP Collective Bargaining

Know Your Rights / Know Your Contract Workshop

Vice President Jose Padin and Executive Director Phil Lesch will hold a Know Your Rights / Know Your Contract workshop on Friday March 6, 2015 12:00 noon to 1:30 PM. Light Lunch will be provided. The workshop will focus on questions brought by attendees, and common areas of contract misinterpretation. RSVP to Emily Wiant. Location will be advised as soon as the room is booked.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Request for nominations to the Executive Council

Please serve with us on the PSU-AAUP Executive Council! 

We depend on the efforts of volunteers to:
  •  support the bargaining team with contract action,
  •  support the efforts of classified staff, part-time faculty and students in advocating for themselves & high quality, affordable higher education,
  •  voice the concerns of PSU faculty - including fixed-term faculty and academic professionals, as well as tenure-track faculty – to members of the PSU Administration, the Oregon Legislature, the press and the community, and
  •  have a good time doing it!
We’ll be electing people to serve from May 1, 2015 to April 30, 2017 as
  •  Vice President for Academic Freedom and Grievances
  •  Secretary
  •  Treasurer
  •  Councilor At Large (3 positions)
We meet every Thursday during the term, from noon to 1:30. Participating in any of these positions counts as University service, just like serving on a University committee.

You can nominate yourself, or speak to a friend that you want to nominate and nominate them.  It’s important to have a good mix of APs, fixed-term faculty, research faculty and tenure-related faculty.

We expect the vote to begin on or about March 1st.  Please send your nominations to the nominating committee by January 30.
The nomination should include a candidate statement (submitted either by the candidate or a supporting member) of no more than 150 words.
To submit a nomination, send an email to Nominating Committee members Pam Miller, Friedrich Schuler, and Bob Schroeder via email by clicking on our names. You must be a member of the PSU-AAUP to nominate someone or be nominated. We will confirm everyone’s membership status and that each nominee is willing to participate.
Should you have any questions about the Association or the open positions, you can contact any of the current executive council members, or Executive Director Phil Lesch

We look forward to hearing from you!

Pam Miller, Friedrich Schuler, Bob Schroeder
PSU-AAUP Nominating Committee

More Detailed Descriptions of Executive Council Positions
Office of Vice President for Academic Freedom and Grievances (release time position)
The Vice President for Academic Freedom and Grievances is one of the five officer positions on the Executive Council. This VP works closely with the Association Executive Director and is normally provided 1/3 release time to facilitate the performance of grievance officer duties for the Association. The Vice president for Academic Freedom and Grievances acts as the Chief dispute resolution officer for the Association; they meet with members about work issues, and represent members in grievance meetings and participates in other kinds of meetings with management.
The Secretary is one of five officer positions on the Executive Council and takes minutes at meetings. It is not normally a release time position.

The Treasurer is one of the five officer positions on the Executive Council and is responsible for the financial health of the Association. It is not normally a release time position and requires slightly more time than the attendance at Executive Council meetings: The Treasurer reviews the financial reports monthly, confers with the Executive Director on a regular basis by phone or an occasional meeting on financial matters, and participates on the Budget Committee.
Councilors At Large (3 positions open)
Councilors At Large are not officers of the Association and these are not normally release time positions. Their participation is generally limited to attending meetings, reading and responding to emails, and participating in Executive Council decisions at Executive Council meetings and via email. Most, however, assume others duties on behalf of the executive council such has leading caucus meetings, chairing the legislative or communications committees, or represents PSU-AAUP in forums off campus.
New councilors will be expected to attend a 2-hour new councilor orientation with the Executive Director in April 2015. The Executive Council normally meets for a full day planning retreat at the end of spring term, the beginning of fall term, or both.
All Executive Council positions are invited to participate in the ongoing face to face organizing network.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Colorado administrator to lead PSU's School of Business Administration

January 7th, 2015

A Colorado university administrator who once worked in the hospitality industry will lead Portland State University's School of Business Administration, which breaks ground this summer on a $60 million renovation and expansion.
Daniel Connolly, senior associate dean at the University of Denver's Daniels College of Business, previously served on the faculties of Cornell University, Michigan State University, Virginia Tech, and Concord College. He also worked for nearly eight years at Marriott International's corporate headquarters in information systems, according to a PSU press release.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter Term Caucus Luncheons

Winter Term Caucus Luncheons:

Tenure Track Faculty:

January 27th, 2015 at 12-1pm in Smith 298

RSVP for Tenure Track Caucus Now

Non-Tenure Track Faculty:

February 3rd, 2015 at 12-1pm in Smith 298

 RSVP for Non Tenure Track Caucus Now

Academic Professionals:

February 10th, 2015 at 12-1pm in Smith 298

RSVP for Academic Professional Caucus Now



Higher Education Funding Rally and Lobby Day

Thursday February 12, 2015 

State Capitol Building Salem

Faculty and Students AND University officials from all seven Universities will come together in a rare display of solidarity for increased funding in higher education
Oregon State Capitol Building
12:00 Noon- 1:00 PM
100 PSU Faculty members needed
Lunch provided
PSU hopes to send 3 buses for faculty and students who do not want to drive
(buses estimate leave at 1030 am and return PSU 230 pm)

the rally will be followed immediately by:
Oregon State Capitol Building
1:00 to 5:00 PM
Faculty and Students to visit EVERY legislator to ask for increased funding
Training and Lunch provided. 20 PSU faculty members needed
Faculty drive themselves or carpool to stay for the afternoon.
(estimate leave 1030am and return around 6pm)

2015 is the year for higher education reinvestment. The only way to get the higher education funding we need is to ASK FOR IT !

Join Faculty and Students from around the state to rally and lobby the legislature for increased funding. 

RSVP NOW for the rally only or rally and lobby day
(Click the appropriate link)

Rally Only: 
Rally Only- via Bus RSVP             Rally Only- will go on my own or carpool RSVP

Rally and Lobby Day: 
Rally and Lobby Day- will go on my own or carpool RSVP

The rally and lobby day is going to be very powerful and alot of fun. This is a tentative schedule of events. We hope you can join us.